Good Morning America comes to Chesapeake!

Turns out, helping 13 people land new jobs in less than six months is enough to get you some attention.

Make that national attention.

On a hot and humid summer day in Hampton Roads, ABC’s Good Morning America came down from New York to capture the It Factor Job Club’s stories of success.

First off, GMA followed Adam Coppin to WebTeks, where he gave us an inside peak into what it takes to be part of one of the nation’s leading web development firms. Since joining WebTeks in December as a web strategist, Adam rose through the ranks and now serves as Director of Projects, overseeing the development process from concept to proposal to design to delivery.

Following that, Adam and his wife, Kate, welcomed GMA into their home, where they opened up about how they found the It Factor–and how joining the club turned out to be a life-changing decision.

Then, it was time to show America what makes the It Factor tick. At Bean There Cafe in Chesapeake, the usual suspects gathered for an It Factor reunion, updating one another about where they stand in their career journey–whether enjoying the trials and triumphs of a new job, riding the unpredictable but always exciting waves of freelance, or still trying to land the right interview.

Laurie Baggett talked to the crew about the dos and don’ts of social media and revealed her plans for the next generation of the It Factor: externships with local businesses to build experience while giving back; an It Factor job fair in Chesapeake this October; and rallying the talents club members past and present to help remake one local small business. (Stay tuned to find out which one!)

Then our members split off into smaller groups to tweak resumes, talk about interview tactics, and refine LinkedIn profiles, with the GMA cameraman following the action. But with so much to talk about, and the club’s energy and enthusiasm rising, you’d never have known he was there.

The camera quickly faded into the background, quietly capturing the action as our members worked together, while brilliantly talented local photographer Jessica Riehl snapped pictures.

At the end of the day, it wasn’t about being on national TV. It wasn’t even about celebrating how far our members have come in so short a time.

It was about doing what we do best: Networking, counseling, and working together to help each member get more than just “the next job,” but a career to care about–a calling with purpose.

But it was still pretty cool to be on ABC. Not too shabby for “the little job club that could.”

Kudos to Laurie and all our members! And thank you, Taylor and Tory, for telling our story.

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